doodle cause i got my shiny typhlosion onto my x version finally

c’est moi

also i hit 300 followers tHANKS YOU GUYS i’ll probably have more stuff to post soon (doing an illustration series w/ ghibli movies!!)

some drawings from life drawing today!

the last one with the three skeletons were drawn from an actual skeleton, and the other two were of a model that came in and we had to draw her skeleton as if she were sort of transparent. good times!!

and here’s this one on it’s own!!

so i’ve apparently started a thing with myself where i coincidentally redraw this deer every 2 years?? i didn’t mean to start doing that but i think i’ll try n keep it up!

at the very least it’s really good for showing improvement. i just finished up the new one today but 99% of it was done in december so i’m still counting it as 2013 ahah

i really really love how it turned out though, i’m definitely improving on digital painting!!

it’s like a time capsule into my past though wow meet 16 yr old avery and 14 yr old avery

so i started sdr2

I NEED. to figure out how to draw on the computer like i do on paper. my style looks really different as you can see from the last two pictures i posted?? hrmph i need to work on that. i like my paper style much better.

big tough gang leader and his small hall monitor boyfriend


im almost finished dangan ronpa and it’s sO GOOD mondo ishi and chihiro are my faves i think w/ sakura right behind them